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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  January 9, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PST

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about am two more deaths in the bay area. and foster farmels plant what was found inside and the company is fixing the problem. governor brown is about to relieve the new state budget, health and welfare, all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> the home was completely destroyed, firefighters are still on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. we will talk about the challenges they faced as we take you back out to the scene in just a moment. it is thursday january 9th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark. steve, should i look for an
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umbrella yet? >> no. partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, but the combination of the both will give us that lows are on the rice and today it looks like more -- rise, today it looks like more warmer temperatures for early next week, temperatures upper 50s and lower 60s, here is sal. steve, good morning, right now we are looking at a commute that looks good at the bay area. westbound not a big delay and of the traffic is moving along nicely. also west -- i'm sorry, northbound 880 that traffic is moving along nicely with no major problems and if you are driving to the coliseum it has been a very nice drive and by the way going the other way to
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hayward continues to look good. there was more news about a bull may have been hit from traffic and traffic is slowing down as you come through and yes there was a bull walking around in some of the lanes according to chp. 5:01 let's go back to the desk. firefighters are still mopping up a fire at at a historic home. >> reporter: he is grateful he and his wife made it out but he is devastated at the damage that the family has lived in over the last two decades. the flames were knocked up to quite a few of them, they are trying to make sure all of the
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hot spots are out at this home. let me show you a scene as we watch firefighters carry out a stack of family photo albums that were saved and they were grateful to firefighters when they did that. this was started just before 2:00 a.m. and it happened near san jose. it was built back in 1907. firefighters say the husband and wife were already outside in their backyard and they woke up thanks to their smoke detectors. the couple has lived here for 20 20 years and they have done a lot of the work to this home. it is only a couple of years ago. >> you must be shaking your headlocking at it this morning, how difficult is this for you to watch?
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>> since 1991. we will repulled. >> reporter: and the big concern early on was preventing the fire from spreading next door and there were some flames and embers but firefighters were able to stop the bread and right near the front porch am that doesn't mean there has been anything suspicious about this fire and we will be here putting out all of these hot spots. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:04, early morning flames started first spotted around midnight, quickly spread to a second home nearby, it is and the cause of
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the fire -- looking for the cause of fire continues. tara moriarty joins us live from 24 hour pharmacy in alameda about the growing concerns of what is turning out to be a deadly flu season. it he will really foes to show you being we will monitor people coming in and out for blue shot and we understand they gave house of representatives out two dozen. there have been three related flu deaths. five confirmed were here in the bay area and one each in all meet and they believe so many
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patients with flu has to stay in attend and it helps to isolate them and with that, they can receive treatment quickly without having to be admitted. they plan to set up a larger tent and 3 5,000 people, it takes a toll and they will not be needed hospitalizations. coming up, why doctors say this is not full proof but you definitely still should have it. i am ktvu channel 2 morningi am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. health officials say the person who died was from albert is alberta and most people who have deed of the virus have
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come in close contact with infected birds. they suspended operations of a foster farms chicken plant in central california because it was infested with cockroaches. they took action after seeing cockroaches inside that plant in livingston. foster farms said they treated the facility yesterday afternoon and they are hoping to reopen soon once they are given the clearance by the agricultural department. and they are one of three connected to at salmonella outbreak. >> the company took action immediately upon learning of any of concerns. a cyclist is recovering from broken bones and a concussion after being hit in san francisco francisco.
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testimony happened and the bicyclist was at fault and the latest is just a crash involving one pedestrian. one bicyclist was killed a block away and there have been several accidents involving paidians in upup for the think the -- unfortunately sometimes it is a car sometimes it is a pedestrian. >> the driver is cooperating and is not expected to face charges. san francisco cab drivers testimony is and they will be cited for not having the gaul
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and is accused of hitting a girl. his insurance only covers drivers when they have affair. >> there are taxi drivers that would like to kill them off and that would be terrible for residents and visitors into san francisco. and that insurance issues, they will stop using tazers to capture fleeing bicyclists. this involved a 16-year-old boy who was nearly injured attempting to taser him. using tazers to arm tempt muscle control. they are looking at alternative ways to free cyclists. the man accused of kidnapping sierra lemar may end terrible a plea today.
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antolin garcia-torres may be there at 1:00 this after in >> he was arrested two months after sierra was first delayed it has been delayed several times and lawyers are debating whether all of the evidence has been shared. brown's state budget. he was going to release it tomorrow but they obtained a copy of the spending plan and his budget includes k through 12 and they are proposing 70 million for dental care and substance abuse and he wants welfare checks increased by 5%
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and a rainy day fun. he a will announce his own. he is expected to make an announcement at 10:30 this morning. his campaign reportedly will focus on improving safety creating more good paying jobs and improving the school system. time now 510, a s.w.a.t. team. >> dennis rodman, what he says, what led to his outburst about a man is imprisoned in north korea. northbound 208 on san jose, we will rundown where traffic is running a little bit slow. and maybe a little drizzle.
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. >> investigators say a blast was caused by a hydrogen leak and the plant is located 108
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miles -- 108 miles southwest of tokyo. president barack obama is expected to meet about scaling back nsa programs. they are looking being at tougher rules for when surveillance for foreign leaders is allowed and it also had a public advocate to the court and hands down decisions about surveillance programs. that would present the case for protecting privacy and other civil liberties. they will expand on the initiative during last year's state of the union speech which is called promise zones. and they will focus on creating jobs and cutting poverty. the first 5 will be unveiled today. they are at san antonio, and the tall nation of oklahoma. it is being called bridge
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gate. chris christie was not aware that members of hills staff was splitly engaged -- engaged to a huge traffic mess last september. two of three lanes of traffic were shut down for four days. the messages suggest it was retaliation against the mayor for not supporting christy's reelection campaign and that mayor wants governor cristty to apologize but not to him. >> call the folks that had had to deal with traffic report during armageddon, don't call me. >> governor chrissy said he is outraged that a top aid misled him and that quote, people will be held responsible for their actions. they will mark the tucson
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day where congresswoman gabrielle giffords came and it was a somber ceremony. >> there was a bill and dozens of people were there at where the injured were treated. bells rang for the 6th people killed and the 13 who were injured including congresswoman gabrielle giffords. they also paused for a moment of silence. congresswoman gabrielle giffords marked the anniversary by sky diving. she has become an outspoken person about it and her condition continues to get better and she is regaining movement in her right arm. former player dennis rodman is now apologizing for his
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outburst. he traveled for an exhibition game and he suggested that kenneth bay who has been there more than a year may have done something to deserve his sentence of 15 years hard labor. he apologized for his comments saying else been drinking. they lost to the north korean team 37-9. and let's check in with sal, it is early but everybody is behaving for you? >> so far we are looking good, traffic continues to look good around the bay area, westbound 580 on the the month pass. and yes,it was a bull which is according toiseach very unusual. actually not really, if you drive there every day you know there is a lot of live stock some one of these animals made
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it onto the freeway and the toll plaza traffic is okay. 5:18 let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. good morning everybody. a little bit of rain, beautiful crescent city, there has been some rain, that is the pattern we are in. if you missed us, usually for january, we get well above 4 inches of rain and the dryest was 1920. point 26, that was 1864 and there has never been a march without any rain. maybe a miracle march. and we have mostly cloudy and due to cloud cover, we what
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high pressure comes in a big way and sunny and warmer and it is more clouds than anything else. a system on saturday has a more hopeful chance of getting some rain to the north and it will folsom path. it will not do much except give us some clouds. a little bit more of a westerly direction not that easterly but next week we were looking for an east or north wind which would warm us up and after saturday, clearing out saturday and monday tuesdays wednesday, maybe after saturday. >> they are agreeing to meet and help make their differences. they are waged in a series of patent cases and the mediation is supposed to take place before february 20th.
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now only the two chief executive officers will attend. they are working out an a agreement before the u.s. lawsuit goes to trial in march. let's check in on the numbers. future move in across the board. the dow jones industrial average and s&p 500 follow a bit of a mixed picture but we are going to have retail sales numbers coming in over the next couple of days keep an eye eye open. the news is expected to it be they good with old navy showing a decline from 2012. it compares to a 7 percent increase though from the previous year. some of the nations biggest food manufacturers are patting themselves on the past.
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it happened only 4 teams. and one of the areas largest bay areas what is being stolen from employees?
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. welcome back, berkeley high school will no longer maintain the became swimming pool on the campus. they are now taking over maintenance and that sign says they have been complaining for
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years about chemical levels as well as lighting problems and the school said they will make sure it is identified and taken care of. medical professionals at san francisco general hospital tell us at ktvu channel 2 morning news that they are victims of crime while at work. the employees say they have had cameras, this wallets stolen during the day and after hours and the problem is increasing and they know at least how some crimes occur >> from the adjacent building the door is -- they were able to open with some kind of gem. >> officers do plan on meeting with management to talk about security and safety of issues.
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two people are recovering from burns after an explosion in biosan francisco. a worker was burned on the face after an explosion on the boulevard and another employee was burned on the hands. they still don't know what caused the explosion but it blew bin does out on the third floor. a workers was also burned pack in july. the parents of the 16-year- old girl who was run over and killed by two fire trucks have filed a legal claim against the city of san francisco and that claim will probably lead to a lawsuit. they have accused firefighters of knowingly putting the girl in harm's way and it accuses them of not training
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firefighters to of not training others at disaster scenes. human traffic, we trafficking, we will tell you about a new campaign aimed at stopping it. we will tell you where a lot of it was canceled and we will tell you more about catching these jokesters. staff is doing well around the bay area, it looks good automatic the way to the tunnel. lots of clouds out there and we are in the cloud, did we get any rain? we will tell you how warm coming up. ♪ ho ho ho
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tomato florentine soup, it took a little time to get it just right. [ ding ] ♪ but finally, it happened. perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. . well, good morning, these are live pictures and we are live in san jose and this is still an active fire scene, we will bring you a live update for the couple who lives in that home and the investigation into the cause of the fire and that's coming up in just a minute. welcome back, it is thursday january 9th, it is 5:30 and i want to check in with steve paulson. >> he is getting everything up to date so that when you give
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it to him he will have all of the latest information. >> i trust steve, he said he will be getting all of the information. >> something going on in charlotte? >> no. >> what is it going to be? >> well, sunday partly cloudy, upper 50s, it will be just fine. that is what i was doing there. >> a lot of high level clouds and it looks like low and mid- level clouds and as you imagined there has been a little bit of rain to the north but another weak system which will not amount to anything here. high pressure builds in friday and one more system saturday and then the next week looks warm. a lot of high clouds, some
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filtered sun, temperatures are stuck here for about a day or two, here is sal. traffic is a little bit busier in some areas this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and everything looks okay and if you are driving from the east shore freeway from vallejo to berkeley traffic is getting busier by the moment and there are already some slow downs on the way. and 101 and 280 are doing well. let's go back to the december being. we are following firefighters in san jose keeping an area and here is why there was a problem with a his historic home. >> reporter: the homeowners are sad ended. this is a historic home the
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fallly lived in and friars are still -- firefighters are still out here, they are tearing apart the wall and attic area and they are trying to put out the hot spots and a little while ago, this was the scene as firefighters carried out several photo albums. the owner is certainly grateful. the home was built in 1907 and the homes was made of plaster and that allowed the flames to spread more quickly. the homeowners were already out here saved by their smoke detectors. >> that was it, we just got out of the house with the smoke detect ters, it -- detecters it
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got us out. >> reporter: the big thing is keeping the fire from spreading to the home next door and some of the flames and embers were jumping to the other home and it was slightly damaged pie fire. the fire started just outside of the original home and there is no clear cause for the fire at this point and it does not appear to be suspicious but an arson invest daters have done quite a bit of work. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 morning news. it is still extremely cold in the upper midwest this morning. parts of manipulate so the could -- minnesota could hit 40 below and parts of the great lakes could hit a foot of snow and things will get better out
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there, relief is coming and temperatures will start rising this weekend. new this morning. -- new this morning, police are searching for suspects in an early morning home invasion. five people were in the house at the time and were not seriously hurt. anybody with information is asked to call milpitas police. the time was waisted because of a prank call and there is a new law that punishes jokesters like this and janine de la vega joins us from the scene to tell us what happened. collar deputies swimmed in and they had got an call that somebody had shot two people and if you can see behind me at least at this house that they
5:36 am
say is make can't just just before and they went to the home on fruit dale because they had word that a man was held up inside and bombs were planned on the property but when they dice covered the home it was vacant and this was a hoax. when they do this, it is referred to as that adds more grim malt penalties and somebody caught could pay up to 1,000 dollars in crime. sheriffs officials are investigating who made the call and if call and they got suspicious because it came from
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a cell phone and they can face penalties. it sits right in front of a boys and girls club, remains a haven for them. some of the pain neighbors say it is easy to find anything. we will go to the poise and girl's club nearby. .. we serve kids it age 16 and 17 and in order to get to and from the school and the search across the -- church across the street. >> there are problems around that bus stop. they have a contract to take care of the shelters and they
5:38 am
sent some crew out and it is as pad as he have before. they will return to court next wednesday and he made his first court appearance next wednesday. he faces 6 felony counts including kidnapping and the judge agreed to give public defender time to review the case. in a case earlier this week, douglas admitted to the abduction claiming it was quote, a plea for help. a new campaign to stop the sexual trafficking of children could be launched in alameda county. more than two dozen were telling offenders they will be prosecuted for buying or selling a child for sex. it is possible to escape and oakland is a national hot hot spot, they are sold for sex
5:39 am
during any dingle night. they say her parents share the problem for her death. andrew potatoes failed to get her there -- andre pots took her life eight days after she fell asleep at a party after drinking heavily and cell phone photos of her undressed with the words written on her body, they were shared with other students at her school. >> cool they will monitor how they handle student harassment and hate crimes. they will review policies and procedures at the university of california and california community college systems.
5:40 am
this comes after four white student have been a case the of a hate crime. a strand gender student who claims to be the victim of bullying is now charged with battery. jewels gutierrez asked administrators for help and the bullying continued and that's why she fought back. no charges were filed against the other people involved. time now 5:40 the lawyer for the family of jahi mcmath said the girl who has been declared brain dead is actually improving. he went on twitter and said doctors are optimistic her condition has stabilized from the time when she was removed from oakland children's hospital. jahi mcmath is now getting the treatment she should have received a mop ago and also confirmed that her breathing
5:41 am
and feeding tube have been successful. the stanford blood donations are typically fewer around the holidays and they have a supply which is less than half the ideal amount. >> we have a handful of can't lakes every day and we have a lot of cans lakes. because they do need blood. >> they supply blood to 7 bay area hospitals lucille pack card and the va. people can make an appointment or they can just drop in. the municipal water district is reducing their water use after the dryest year on record. the water district launched its first ever and they are asking people to cut back on water usage and they are expanding on an earlier campaign asking them to take the 20-gallon challenge
5:42 am
reducing water by that much every day. >> probably doing a little less laundry activity. >> now the water district said if they don't get a lot of rain by april 1st, water conservation measures may take affect. google has a new way to get employees to work. i want to show you a new video of a ferry boat similar to the one google is using ferry service began on monday on a trial basis. they blamed them for taking up space at the bus stop. it can lead to housing costs as well. today is the beginning of one of the biggest car shows in america. 2014 silicone valley auto show will begin at the convention center in san jose and they are featuring hundreds of cars
5:43 am
including hybrids and electric cars which pam wants too. they are available for a test drive but no sales, they are prohibited through the auto show. however they run through sunday. >> all right, 542 is the time. they are taking action against drivers and why it may be a lot ease why are for them to hide them from their parents. it is going well, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. >> lots of clouds here, not much in the way of any rain and we will tell you why our pattern is stuck and they are not allowing much in the way of any rain for us to visit. the great american novel.
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. welcome back, rescuers are searching for a sailor after a navy helicopter crash off the virginia coast. the helicopter went down 20 miles from norfolk virginia. two were killed, two others were rescued from the water and a 5 5th remains missing. the helicopter was taking part in a training mission and this was the second military disaster in two days. on tuesday an air force helicopter crashed in england killing four people. they gathered to remember a 13-year-old boy who was shot to death new year's eve while walking home from a boys and
5:47 am
girls club. hundreds of people attended this memorial service for lee weathersby and he was shot a couple of times just a few miles away from his home. they are asking he be remembered by spreading a message a piece. they have this grainy photograph and they are hoping it will solve the killing of 'emoryville man. he was killed six months ago near market street and sanford avenue. the driver likely drove off in a newer four-door sedan. they are offering a reward leading to an arrest of their son. they are looking for a new way of teens to abuse drugs. they are abuse of electronic
5:48 am
cigarettes with it hc oil -- t- h-c-oil and the converted e.cigarettes do not release a smell or smoke just a vapor. >> you can be in somebody's house and not know they have used it. >> they don't have how many statistics who are using it and 10% of students surveyed by the cdc said they used it with nicotine and other additives. independent researchers are saying, some of the biggest food makers have cut more calories than they promised. general mills and other major food companies have cut 6 trillion cool risk -- calories out of their recipes and that's more than they promised and it amounts to many per day or
5:49 am
about 8 pounds per person every year if nobody made any changes to their diet. >> 5:48, back over to sal, let's get a look at the commute and we are looking at the commute now starting off in san jose and northbound 280 traffic does look good and it stays that way into the valley, you may want to get yourself into position where you do the commute sooner rather than later. at the bay bridge toll plaza, pardon me, westbound does look good coming into the peninsular, there is no traffic delays let's go to steve. now focusing from green bay to charlotte, much, much better, they are looking for
5:50 am
rain and 50s, partly cloudy skies, everything is good to go here, things should be clearing out by saturday night. what in the worldwide world is going on. it is locked in strongly with systems and high pressure on the west coast and it's not moving, not bulging. it is still very active and we are like a bolder in a stream and everything backs out of and that's what is going on hemisphere clay and the highs -- hemispherically and there is rain on the north coast and we have temperatures in the area and we have a balmy 5 degrees
5:51 am
and high pressure companys' in and there will be too more and starting on a big way on monday and one saturday has the best opportunity for rain but it does not look good including my voice which doesn't look good or sound good for that matter. 50s or lower 60s... we will have it and it looks like a lot of clouds and we will be warmer next week. the labor department announced flu claims for unemployment insurance and 330,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits and that's down from the week purchase and it's the lowest level since the end of november. claims are volatile because of seasonal jobs that are ending and we get a very important indication and they will release them for all of
5:52 am
december. fast food restaurants are offering some deals this month that can tempt you away from your new diet. taco bell will sell its loaded grillers for $1.00 all day and it is a promotion for two new flavors, chili cheese fries and chipolta tie chilly chicken and 30 cents for any new pizza deal. that runs until the end of this month and coffee lovers starbucks. that offer runs from january 16 january 16th through the 19 19th that is just mean if they are doing that. >> i didn't need to hear that. >> i wrote it down. i stayed up late watching the warriors and they went to war last night in brooklyn but do they still have a winning streak. stuff curry has a hot hand again and was it enough to make
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a win. plus the mecca of gambling and its new power source, it is brightening the future of las vegas. good. good answer.
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. welcome back. they say the city council is
5:56 am
not doing their job and the only way to review previous meetings is to watch them online. >> this has been a real on the job learning experience and we have an eight hour plus meetings that dog very bay -- doing verbatim does not make any sense. >> and before the year before monday, the city council meeting, she is working on producing -- producing the rest of those minutes. the city is considering on bringing in somebody from the outside to do future meetings and that may cost the city about $65 an hour. and slot machines and discount buffets, we are talking about that sign welcoming you to las vegas and they flipped a switch to use
5:57 am
solar panels. the sign was up sold 19579 and welcome now to the vegas strip. we are getting an idea what it might look like after they are torn down. the infrastructure has approved construct roll plans for the site and they include new developments, parks and more than 1,500 new homes. 800 of which will be designated affordable housing. the housing project will also be rebuilt. plans include entertainment and housing development at the candle stick parks. and we have more on candle stick park in charlotte, followed by the fox sports and of course, we will have more afterwards with mark ibanez. and we have yet another
5:58 am
scenario of a cyclist hit and how that cyclist is doing now and the latest reaction to this incident. plus suspending operations the shocking violations that are found and what investigators have ordered foster farms to do. we are looking at a commute which is getting busier as we get closer to 6:00 and we will tell you more about the commute and where it begins to smoke. all roll we are looking at some rain and what appears to be warm next week.
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should. . live in san jose, we are at a 24 hour pharmacy where people are scrambling to get flu shots and we will tell you about the latest flu deaths. live inside foster farms, we will tell you what the company is doing


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